August 12, 2012

A perfect typeface (in my opinion)

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Our Imagination Giveaway. I will announce the lucky winner within the next week so stay tuned!

Now onto some inspirational type!

Akzidenz Grotesk is the best typeface ever created, at least for myself. It is so clean, legible, and as a result versatile. Its almost hard to believe that it was created in 1896. Take a look!

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July 31, 2012

Breezy Summer Outfit

1. Our Imagination – Bouquet
2. Enza Costa – Hi Lo Skirt
3. Turban – Unknown
4. Gucci – Oversized Sunglasses
5. Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry – Cursive LOVE Bracelet
6. Clare Vivier – Fold Over Clutch
7. Dolce Vita – Archer Flat Sandals
8. China Glaze – Seduce Me (Nail Polish)

As promised, here is a cute summer outfit that pairs perfectly with any of the milkmaid braids from yesterday’s post. However, if you are not feeling the milkmaid braid, I have an alternative option here, a charcoal grey turban headband. This outfit would be well suited for a day out shopping or for a lunch date with a friend. Stay tuned for more looks that feature Our Imagination.

July 30, 2012

A Variety of Milkmaid Braids

Here are some pictures of a variety of milkmaid braids that you can try. As you can see, they are very versatile and can be worn alone across the head like the first image. Or you can put ribbon or lace in your braid like the second and third images. Lastly, images four and five show a version of the milkmaid braid worn with hair down. This hair style can be worn super loose braid or a tight braid. It really is all up to you. Tomorrow I will have an outfit perfect for you to wear while sporting your milkmaid braids!

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July 25, 2012

Black and White Fashion Photography

Here are some images by Richard Avedon that I find very compelling. He has influenced many of today’s fashion photographers because he was the first starting to shoot models outdoors and interacting with the “real world”. Much of fashion photography before Richard Avedon used to consist mostly of studio photography. We look at Vogue today and we are used to women modeling clothing while walking on the streets of New York but that was something revolutionary brought on by Richard Avedon.

Georgia Hamilton by Richard Avedon August 1953
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Audrey Hepburn by Richard Avedon 1967
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Veruschka by Richard Avedon 1967
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Twiggy by Richard Avedon January 1968

July 24, 2012

James Welling

I have been lucky to have heard James Welling speak about his work and about his future plans for projects. As you can probably tell from the pictures I have posted, James Welling loves working with color and playing with it within his photographs and his photograms. My favorite projects of his have to be the flower photograms and his series called “Glass House”. I have chosen a few images from his website to represent these two projects. Keep in mind that these aren’t an all encompassing representation of the project, but just a snippet for inspirational purposes.

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July 20, 2012


I’m always inspired by beautiful knitted sweaters. Knitting isn’t just for grandmas anymore, with patterns from Louisa Harding and, there are tons of young knits out there. Here are just a small amount of knits I find beautiful and hope that one day I will be able to take on as projects. Knits are so versatile and easy to pair with leggings or skinny jeans. I particularly love the free patterns posted on Pickles is a group of young and fashion forward Norwegian women who created their own line of yarns that they sell internationally. They always have great patterns to go with their new yarns that range from over sized sweaters to coffee cup cosies. For those of you who aren’t knitters, I hope this may begin to coerce you into believing that knits can be contemporary too.

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July 19, 2012

The Perfect Date Outfit

1. Our Imagination – Sweet Flower in White
2. Jolt Jeans – Skinny Coated Jeans
3. Stella McCartney – Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses
4. B-Low The Belt – Twiggy Clutch
5. Alexis Bittar – Delano Stone Ring
6. Sam Edelman – Adele Boots
7. Nars – Diamond Life

This is the perfect outfit for a casual date in L.A. I love how the cat eye sunglasses have a hint of purple in the gradient lenses. They go perfectly with the Nars nail polish. I always think its nice to add a bit of color to your nails when you are doing a whole black and white outfit.

July 18, 2012

Beautiful Cancun Beaches

I went on vacation recently to Cancun, Mexico. The beaches are truly mesmerizing and I couldn’t help but want to do an Our Imagination photo shoot.